It is the Quaity Policy of PRAYAS PHARMACEUTICALS to provide Pharmaceuticals products through our commitment to development of knowledge and skills for F & D activities, which meet or exceed the stated and implied needs of our customers in this industry and by complying with national and international regulations via, Schedule M-norms of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

Equally, it is the Policy of the company to provide training and resource, through which each individual person employed, is able to recognize and satisfy the needs of their internal customers, and thereby contribute to the satisfaction of the Company's extenal customers.

  • All activities shall be goal-oriented with quality management system as the primary steering tool.
  • There shall be a documented organization, with clear line of responsibility and authority for all factors, which influence the qulity of our products.
  • Each employee shall be responsible for the quality of his or her own work and, through training, communication and motivation programs, shall be fully aware of what their individual quality responsibilites consist of.
  • Provisionof our products shall be such that the needs of our customer shall be fulfilled to the agreed quality, at the agreed time and within the agreed cost parameters.

And finally, success requires the commitment of everyone in the commitment of everyone in the organization to a policy of continuous improvement through both personal and team effort.